The first thing people think of when you say supplements is, “oh man something else to add to the good old check book.” You could also think, “why not just eat good quality food?” Supplements can be tricky. If you go to Walmart to get your supplements you are flat out wasting your money. So with so many bad supplements out there how do you know which ones to take?

You are in the right place! Here at Denison Chiropractic we always make sure our products are medical grade. Here are our top supplements based on what our Doctors say.

Fish Oil

Our doctors believe that everyone should be on a fish oil supplement. Why you ask? Omega supplements help prevent heart disease, lower high blood pressure, lower cholesterol and many other things including helping with arthritis. Sometimes finding a good fish oil supplement can be hard because you don’t know where its coming from. Here at the clinic we personally like Metagenics and Standard Process fish oil supplements. If you need help picking one for you ask the doctor next time you are in!


IntraMAX is our top supplement that our doctors recommend everyone take. It is basically your go to for a multivitamin and mineral supplement. It tastes amazing and also gives you a great boost of energy! If you need more information or even want a two day trial we have those available at the office.

Collagen Complex

Everyone who works at our office takes collagen complex. It is truly a life saver for those of use who have a hard time getting around and joints hurting. It helps support joint and muscle strength along with strengthening our immune health. Collagen also gives you some strong nails and hair. Try it for a month and see how much it can help your body. We have some available for purchase at the clinic.

Specific Supplements

If there is a specific thing you are dealing with and have questions about what supplement could help that our Doctors are the best ones to ask! Feel free to bring it up at your next appointment and they can help you!

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