Driving with back pain

It’s officially the middle of summer and now that travel is back open it seems everyone is going somewhere. You may be asking yourself, “How do I handle driving with back pain when I am in the car for so long?” Well there are a few tips and tricks we can give you for your vacation. (It helps on airplanes too!)

How to help driving with back pain

Driving with back pain is a huge headache….or it can even be a migraine. Some people handle it well and others just don’t. If you have had a major accident or have had long standing back pain that long drive this summer could completely wreck you.

One thing that the Docs here at Denison Chiropractic suggest is even if its inconvenient to stop once and hour. Now when you get out of your car don’t just get out and stand there. Get active!

One good exercise is to lean against the side of your car, facing towards the car and also away, and swing your leg side to side slightly above the ground 10 times each direction. After that go ahead and throw 10 air squats in. When you are doing these make sure to keep your whole foot planted on the ground and keep your knees over your foot. If you need to hold onto something feel free to do it. At the top of the squat don’t forget to squeeze your glutes to relieve some of the pressure from driving.

The last movement the doctors suggest to do is called the founder. This movement naturally helps decompress your spine and helps stretch out those discs! HERE is a link to a video showing you how to do the founder. Make sure you make your appointment to get adjusted before you leave too!

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