Whole spine?

Whether you are a new patient or an existing patient at Denison Chiropractic, hopefully you have noticed that we don’t just focus on the one area of pain. We focus on your whole spine in order to understand how things are moving, how your last adjustment is holding up and also how well your nervous system is functioning as a whole.

But what if I only hurt in one area?

One of the oldest concepts in Chiropractic is called the “Lovett Brother Relationship.” This is the concept that if there is dysfunction at one end of the spine, it will reciprocate with problems at the other end, as per the diagram below.

Without going into too much detail, the Lovett Brother Relationship describes functional pairs of bones in the spine. The bones exist in opposite positions of the spine to each other. These “Lovett Brothers” are linked as a result of gravity acting on the curves of the spine. When one in the pair is not moving properly it will result in its Lovett Brother becoming dysfunctional.

If we only adjust one section of your spine we can miss out on parts that may not be in pain but are out of line. When this happens it can affect the way that our body heals, including the original problem area. This can also result in new problem areas and nervous system issues.

So should I get a whole spine adjustment?

The simple answer is yes. When these dysfunctional pairs happen it results in our joints not communicating properly with our brain. Our joints don’t communicate properly with our brain it cannot recognize when our joints are out of line and causes poor posture. The other effect is irritated joints that become inflamed and irritates the nerves in our spine. We all know that irritated nerves equals an unhappy body.

Moral of the story is: get your WHOLE spine checked routinely. This makes sure we aren’t slipping into any unhealthy patterns and keeps our nervous system healthy! For appointments click HERE.

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