Does massage therapy help with low back pain?

Does Massage Therapy Help With Back Pain? Dr Dustin talks about it on today’s Wellness Wednesday


Hey everybody. Welcome back for this week’s Wellness Wednesday. I was going to talk to you a little bit about massage therapy. We get this question a lot. Can massage therapy help lower back pain? The answer is absolutely yes. Can it fix what’s causing the low back pain? Possibly. It kind of depends on what’s going on.

With massage therapy, they’re working on breaking adhesions, getting muscles that are overactive to release. Sometimes depending on how they’re trained, flushing out lymphatic drainage.

Even so, they can do a number of other things, but let’s say that this lower back … if you can see very clearly here, let’s say that there’s just some tight muscles in here and it’s causing some ache. If that’s all that’s going on, then whoever would come in we do some massage therapy. We open this up, then great. Things are moving great. We feel good.

But, if let’s say these bones down here in the lower back are shift … Let’s say that you had a strain picking something up or a car accident or just a chronic posture, shifted you enough out of alignment. So, let’s say these bones have shifted, and so if I show you a little bit closer here.

Let’s see, if these bones are shifted out of their normal position and they become locked in place, then massaging the muscles around that can help sometimes. But it’s not going to get that fixed. That’s where you need actually a chiropractor to get in and be specific on this joint is locked up in this area. We need to move it this direction, get it to normal motion, get these nerves working again.

So, it can go joint dysfunction, you need the chiropractor. Muscle dysfunction, you need a massage therapist. Very often, there’s a combination of things going on. That’s why we’re lucky to have a couple of very good highly skilled massage therapists. So, depending on if we find a muscular involvement and joint dysfunction, and I’m working on somebody and they’re my patient, then I may have them see our massage therapist so we can actually get everything resolved together.

So, yes and no. Sometimes both, sometimes one, sometimes the other, but hopefully that answers that questions for you guys. Any other questions, always feel free to reach out, and we’ll see you all next week. All right.

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