What can you do to get better sleep? Part 2 of 2

What can you do to get better sleep? Part 2 of 2. How can chiropractic help you get better sleep?


Hey gang, I’m actually following up with some things that I gave you for tips for sleeping from my last blog. Previously I was just giving you separate things, not necessarily chiropractic, but what you can do if you’re struggling to sleep. Went over a few things, like turning off electronics, or wearing blue blockers, setting a schedule, even trying some different teas. But today, I wanted to actually relate how chiropractic can help with being able to get good sleep.

Now, there’s primarily in my mind two ways that that can actually happen. One of them is the nervous system controls everything, and it also actually controls primarily two states of living. There’s fight or flight, which is sympathetic. I’m gonna get a little bit sciency on you. Then, there is rest and digest, which is parasympathetic.

Now, back in the day whenever we were running through the jungle, if we saw a tiger, we would need to go into fight or flight. We would need adrenaline to shoot off, and we would’ve needed the blood to go into our arms and legs, so we could run. Also whenever we sit down and eat, we need that relaxation time to happen. We need blood to actually go to internal organs, certain acids to release. So our body actually knows intuitively to regulate back and forth.

Whenever we go to sleep, we want to go into that rest and digest. If you’re nervous system is not working properly, then that programming isn’t going to fire properly. So the actual computer isn’t going to work really well, telling you that it’s time to sleep, so you can struggle there. The other thing is whenever you are out of alignment, there is a lot of extra internal activity happening, trying to deal with that stress. There’s inflammation, there’s pain, the nerves are not working well.

If you think about a computer, at night maybe you want to turn the computer off, and then there’s no energy going through it. Well, let’s say instead of turning it off, you click sleep, but it needs to do 20 updates, or something like that. So it’s running through the entire night. Not as hard as doing a bunch of programming, but it’s working still throughout the night expending energy, so there’s activity happening.

The same thing with your body. If your body is having to manage internal stressors from being out of alignment, there’s constant activity, so your system can’t really relax. I mean there’s also the side bit of pain, of course, it’s difficult to sleep with pain. But in terms of regulations, the system control is not gonna be able to control going into that sleep mode. But also, extra stuff happening in the body will keep you from being able to relax.

One other thing I did want to mention, Alyssa, you actually asked what to help stay asleep? Some of that can play into neurology, but I also didn’t tell you guys about this. This is a really good supplement that I like. It’s called Benesom. It’s for occasional sleeplessness. Something like this can help sleep through the night as well. It has melatonin. It also has a couple of things that I mentioned the other day in it, like calcium, magnesium, valerian root, some passion flower, Chinese skullcap. So there’s some different things in here.

But I just wanted to give you all a few initial things, primarily on how chiropractic can help you sleep better. So if you all ever have any questions, feel free to reach out. We’ll see you next week. All right. Bye.

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