How to exercise while traveling!

How to exercise while traveling! Dr. Dustin shows you a few simple workouts to keep moving!

Don’t let traveling keep you from getting your exercise in! Dr. Dustin shows you a few simple workouts to keep moving!

Posted by Denison Chiropractic on Thursday, June 21, 2018

Video transcription below:


Hey everybody, thanks for joining today. I wanted to show you all a couple of things. I’ve personally been having to travel a lot this year, and I know that at times, it can be difficult for me to get some exercise in. I know that a lot of other people are dealing with that, so I want to show you three main simple workouts that you can do in your room without weights just to get your body moving.

Whenever we’re traveling, we’re having to sit in planes, sit in a car. We need to move more than ever, and a lot of times, we get to our rooms and we don’t want to do something. So it’s just a simple way to get moving. One, most people don’t like burpees, but it’s such a good movement because it involves your entire body. A workout that I like to mix in is just 50 burpees, however long it takes you. If you’re at a little bit of a better fitness level, you can try and go as fast as you can, still always having good form. Also, even if you are older and not very mobile, maybe cut the number down a little bit and just take your time on it. That’s fine too.

For a fast burpee, I’m going to jump to the ground and come back up. I’m going to go through and do 50 like that. Again, any motion is good, so even if … Maybe I have bad knees, and I need to move slower, I’ll put a pillow down. Then I grab onto something and bring myself down onto the ground, come all the way down, and then I work my way back up. That’s fine, whatever your level of mobility is, any movement is better than not moving. So workout one, 50 of those or scale down the number to 30, 20, what ever you need to just get moving.

Also, I have a blanket down here. My wife mentioned that some people don’t want to get on the ground in a hotel room. I almost wouldn’t worry about it, but I probably need to make sure. Anyway, you can throw a blanket down and keep going. Another one that I like is doing pushups and squats. You can do that on the ground, but a scale for a pushup, just get up against something like this, and I’m going to keep my elbows close and press straight. I don’t want to be out here, that’s going to put a lot of stress on my shoulder.

I’m going to get set here, or on the ground, and I’m going to maybe do 10. I like going from 10 and then down to one (10-9-8-,etc…) Then let’s say I’m doing pushups and squats. I’m going to try and get mobile, but again, as a scale for that, you can just pick a chair and go into a seated position and come back up. So, we’re doing 10 here, then 10 here. Then nine, nine, eight, eight. I really like that workout, because it just feels like you’re chipping away at the numbers, getting easier, and you end up doing 55 of each. That’s another workout that I like to throw in.

The last one is just lunges and sit-ups. Lunges are a really good movement. Be careful with your knees, if you have knee issues. If you can, you want to go all the way down to the ground, and then to the next one. I will do either 10 or just to the end of the room and back. If you have knee issues, you can stop a little bit short. Then you go onto the ground for sit-ups, and with sit-ups, a lot of times, people used to do them … Some people still do, knees bent, feet flat. Whenever we are going here, we’re working … Actually, our hip flexes a lot, so to take those out of it, you can make a butterfly position.

But whenever I do this and I lie back, naturally, my back is going to arch a little bit. So, I like to throw a thin pillow behind my back, we also do this at out CrossFit to get that support. Then my hip flexes are taking out, I’m still working my abs, and I can come up, use my arms for momentum; that’s completely fine. I’d say 1 out of 10 people do better without a pillow, so see how that feels. I’ll do lunges down and back, and then 10 sit-ups, 5 rounds of that. Just getting mobile and getting a little bit of a sweat. It makes things a lot easier whenever you’re traveling.

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