How Do You Prevent Neck Pain?

How do you prevent neck pain?

Your Denison Chiropractor, Dr. Dustin Bergeron, dives into one of the questions patients most commonly ask: How do you prevent neck pain?


Hey, everybody. Thanks for joining us for Wellness Wednesday. Today, I wanted to show you a couple of key things you can do at home, or just in your every day life, to prevent neck pain.

A lot of people, whenever they come in, it’s not because they had a car accident. It’s typically because they do something chronically over, and over. Someone that works at a computer and sit, and their computer is sat really low, you can adjust the computer.

I’m always going to be pulling my head forward if the computer is set down really, really low. The weight of my head is going to pull a lot on my upper back. It’s gonna cause a lot ache and pain into my upper back. Eventually, lead to tension headaches, problems like that. If you can actually raise your computer, we already have that done here, but you can sometimes get raised computers, or standing desks. Things like that can help a lot.

Another thing that is happening a whole lot, is using phones, and having our head down. We used to not see strained or reversed curves, unless somebody was in a car accident, or they had spent years working with their head down.

We are actually getting teens with reversed curves, and a lot of people are attributing it, and I myself, attribute it to smart devices. All of us are on iPads. On iPhones, and we’re always like this. Always like this. All these ligaments, and tendons, and muscles start to tighten up. Then whenever I try to come up, it doesn’t come all the way up. I end up stuck like that. It can sometimes wear your shoulders out a little bit, but try and bring your phone up here. If you’re messing with it, and also, try and get on your phone a little bit less, maybe.

The other thing, depending on how you’re sleeping, and what pillow you’re using. A cervical pillow is puffed up down here, with a dent in the middle. You have support under your neck and your head can lay back. It’s supported here, but it doesn’t push my head forward. A lot of times, people will use a few pillows, and push forward, that’s actually really hard on the body. If you lay that down, and then I’ll lay on it, my head will still sit back. My head’s back, and there’s support underneath my neck. Having a proper pillow, and sleeping with, basically trying to have your ear over your shoulder. Not pulled forward. If I’m lying down [inaudible 00:02:16] and my head’s in front, I want my ear to be back over my shoulder.

So, try those few things in, it’s gonna help you with, maybe help a little bit with the neck pain that you’re having, if you have it. Ideally, you can try and prevent some of that neck pain. Give those a shot, and we’ll see y’all soon. All right.

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