What are vibratory platforms and what do they do?

What are vibratory platforms and what do they do? Dr. Dustin talks vibratory platforms on Wellness Wednesday

Vibratory Platforms


Vibratory platforms: Hey, everybody. I’m glad you’re here for Wellness Wednesday. Today’s question, we use these guys. It’s about vibratory platforms. We use these guys in our therapy a lot. In the first couple of visits that somebody see somebody else doing it, they’re always wondering, what the heck does that thing do? You get on here, and you push a button, then it starts to vibrate like crazy. We can turn frequencies up or down, depending on what we’re doing.

But, the summary of this, kind of want to talk to you all about, is how it works. Whenever you’re going through a movement, let’s say I’m doing a squat on this one over here. I turn it on, and I go into a perfect squat, partial squat position, maybe depending on what area I’m working on. It does a couple of things. One, it makes the muscles contract and relax at a really rapid pace, so if I’m using it for a workout, then I can fatigue those muscles a little bit faster, so there’s the bonus benefit there.

But, we use it more in neurological aspect. Every time that a muscle contracts and relaxes, it sends a signal to the brain, and it repeats over and over, so we’re actually doing some neurological programming. So, if I go into a movement, and I hold perfect squat position, or if I’m emphasizing perfect posture, and I’m doing it while on a vibratory platform, then my brain is teaching my body how to hold that position better, and it just does it a lot faster. If somebody’s wanting to do a perfect golf swing, and they do, maybe a hundred swings on the ground that are perfect to train their system, you could get on a vibratory platform, move really slow and go through a perfect swing 10 to 15 times, and you’re programming the brain just as fast as the 100 reps on the ground.

Again, you can use it for workouts. Some people will do pushups on it, and hold the position, so those muscles are fatiguing faster, but we use it in a neurological way. That’s what they’re for, up here at least. I wanted to go over that. Thanks for joining us, and we’ll see you all next week.

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