Does Medicare Cover Chiropractic Services?

Does Medicare Cover Chiropractic Services?

Find out from Dr Dustin of Denison Chiropractic by watching the video below!

What does Medicare cover?


Hey, everybody. Thanks for joining us for Wellness Wednesday. Today’s topic and question we get a lot. Does Medicare actually cover chiropractic services? We have a lot of Medicare patients here. Of course, everybody wants to know, “Does my insurance cover this? Does Medicare cover this?”

Medicare specifically, they really cover a few things. What they don’t cover is for us to find out what’s wrong, actually. They don’t cover the examination. They don’t actually cover X-rays. We do like to do X-rays on our patients, just from experience. I know my father, he’s done an X-ray on somebody that had low back pain, and saw a tumor. Hopefully that’s never any of you guys, but you would never go in and adjust there. It can also tell us a lot on how much treatment somebody needs so we do like to do X-rays, and that’s not covered.

Whenever it comes to the treatment portion Medicare typically does cover some of the treatment. What they typically cover pretty well is the chiropractic adjustment, where we’re actually getting those joints to move. We’re moving that nerve interference. That’s the primary of what we do, obviously. They do take care of some of the adjustments. They may not take care of some of the other therapies that we may or may not need to do.

Let’s say if you had a lot of pain and inflammation, we needed to do something called muscle [snap 00:01:18] to flush that out and relax the muscles. Medicare most likely wouldn’t cover that therapy. If we have to do something to break up adhesions, then they may not cover a therapy for that. They do well with the adjustment. They don’t ever really cover us to find out what’s going on, and they may or may not cover a couple of the other services. Most of the time, they don’t cover the other services.

Hopefully that answers some questions for you guys, but you can always call in and give us your information. We can actually look in and see do they cover it or not for you, and give you a little more specific to you. Hopefully, that answers some of your questions, and tune in next week. All right? Bye.

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