What all is chiropractic good for?

What all is chiropractic good for? Dr. Dustin from Denison Chiropractic discusses!


So, back for Wellness Wednesday at Denison Chiropractic. And today’s question is, “What all is chiropractic good for?” And I love this questions, because I’ve had patients ask me, “Does chiropractic treat everything? Is it good for everything?” And the answer is kind of yes and no. It really depends on what’s causing that symptom. So let’s say that somebody has a headache. You can have a headache from being dehydrated. Would chiropractic fix that headache if you’re dehydrated? No. But the nerves that come out at the top of the neck control the blood flow to the head, they control sensation to the head.

So, if you are out of alignment, which is what we work on. Let’s say this is the bones in the neck. If you’re out of alignment, and these nerves aren’t working how they should, and that goes to your head, then you have a headache, then yes we can help. So it all depends on what’s causing those symptoms. We work in the realm of making sure this spine is working how it should, and these nerves can work how they should.

So, yeah, of course, it can help with a headache. If somebody came in with gut disfunction, you know, constipation, diarrhea, not fun stuff, right? But if they came in with that, I would tell them, it’s all going to depend on if the nerves are working right. We would check out the lower back, do maybe some motion x-rays, see how things are working. If it’s working great, then I would say, “Maybe less Taco Bell.” Maybe, a little less stress, right?

So there’s a number of things that cause all types of symptoms. We work in this realm. Can we get your nerves working right? And that’s how we can help, sometimes a lot of things you wouldn’t think of. And so that’s our question and answer for today. Make sure and tune in next week. Ask us any other questions that you have, and I’ll try and answer those as well. Alright? See you all later.


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