Need a break?

Social media is such a huge part of society today it is almost impossible to not be on it. Have you ever thought to yourself though that it would be great to just take a break? Just turn it off and not pay attention to all the bombarding information we constantly take in? Do you truly just need a break?

Even though it seems absolutely impossible to survive without checking Instagram for your latest celebrities post or watching that intense political debate on Facebook it is possible. There are several options you could take without being completely off the grid. Who would have ever thought!

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to even start so here are some tips to either completely give it up or limit your time on it.

Delete the app

Many of us are on social media so often because of the easy access to actually just hop on. We see a notification and immediately feel the impulse to check it. What if that notification wasn’t there? Taking away easy access makes it way easier to not even think to just hop on social media. You can always delete the app and just use your web browser to check your social media when you truly just have down time.

Turn off notifications

Another way to still have access to your social media but help limit time spent there is to turn off your notifications. When you unlock your phone and don’t see a notification, it can help that temptation to even open the app.


One way to maybe just see less of what bothers you is to unfollow a certain page or person. This is something that can be done that no one even notices but helps keep your social media life opinion free. I think this is such a good feature to Facebook, especially during this election time, to where if we don’t like what we are seeing we can limit some amount of what we actually are seeing.

Saying Good-bye

The best way to avoid social media all together is to delete it. This can be a temporary fix or a permanent one depending on what you choose. When you choose to delete a social media account, many give you the option to come back at a later date when you want to. If you choose to not ever have social media again you don’t have to go back and activate your account.

Last but not least….

A final option is to just put down your phone and find a new hobby to start. Since the weather is cooling off and there are beginning to be more activities available to the public there are so many options to choose from. You can start working out and improving your health. There’s tons of outdoor activities here in Denison that are fun! Hiking at Waterloo or going fishing at Lake Texoma. THF Park offers so many fun things to do and kids can be entertained for hours!

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