Are you having knee pain and instability?

Are you having knee pain and instability? Check out these exercises from Dr. Dustin to help you!


Okay, hey everybody. I wanted to show you all a few things that you can do if you’ve dealt with some knee pain. Side note, if any of y’all are dealing with issues always feel free to reach out. That’s typically where I create these videos from. I had a friend whose son was dealing with some knee problems wanting to keep playing basketball. So how we could get around that, bring in some stability. I wanna show you all what I gave him. If y’all are having more questions please always reach out. You can always comment in the comments any question as well.

So, a couple things that can help the knee. A lot of times we end up with overactive muscles. A foam roller can help turn those muscles off, break up adhesions. The IT band that runs from the hip to the knee, as well as the peroneals that actually run from the ankle to the knee. These can get really tight and pull abnormally. And so the way that you can work on that with a foam roller is to have your bottom leg straight. Then your top leg can take pressure off, as much as you need. So it can be a little bit intense.

But running straight on the side of my leg  I’m just going to slide down. I find a tender spot and that, let’s say right here, I have one. And then my leg will maybe twitch a little bit cause it’s tender. Eventually me leg will relax and that foam roller will be able to sink deeper. That way its neurologically turning that muscle off, making it become less active. Also giving less stress on the knee. I can actually roll and break up adhesions that may affect that movement as well.

So I can do that down low. I can come up and do the same thing that I was saying for the outside of the lower leg. The peroneal’s down there, and work that area as well. So take off that high stress from here and here and then to bring in some actual stability and strength. There are a couple of exercises that you can do. One is working on a pistol squat right and left side. It’s just really good exercise for the legs but also range of motion, getting some stability.

Most people can’t do a pistol where they actually go all the way down to the ground. So you can start with a bench. So I’m actually going to go here and then drive back up. Work three reps there, I’m actually working on some stability of that knee. Switch sides. And then another good exercise is a kettle bell dead lift. So I like to use both hands, you can just use one. But if you have two then you can slowly reach down to the ground and come back up. I’m having to work a lot of stability in my knee to do that.

I always want to keep my back flat and my chest up so then I don’t ever end up bothering my lower back. And an advanced move, if you have a band, one of these guys, is to actually wrap it through and have it on the outer portion of your leg, just below your knee. You step away from where its pinned in and then I go down into a lunge and drive back up. And you can tell that it’s pulling you all over the place, you’re having to hold some really good stability and properly activate that hip and knee to hold well.

So just to summarize on a couple of those pieces; foam roll, the outer leg to calm some things down, break up adhesions and turn off overactive muscles. Work on some stability and strength with pistol squats, one side then the other. Then you can do single leg dead lifts which are really good. If you have the equipment, actually throw a band around a front knee and go into lunges. I would turn around, attach it to the other front knee, goes through, work both sides. Try those things, if y’all have any more questions, comments-let us know. Always give us a thumbs up if this was helpful for you. Share if you know anybody that needs it, and we’ll see y’all next time. Bye.




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